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PostSubject: READ HERE BEFORE APPLYING!   Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:12 am

Firstly, Deterrence is a PvP/PvE guild, which means, as soon as there's enough people to raid we will be raiding. But, we have hardcore players who love to PvP all day, so thats gonna be a major part of the guild. Raids will become more popular as the guild grows.

All players applying to join Deterrence should have the following things:

CT Raid
Decursive (Mages, Priests, Pallies)

Also must be level 60 and be a constant player, players who dont come online will be kicked.

Copy the questions below into your application with your answers.

POST TITLE: <Class> <Race> <Char Name>

Do you meet the guild requirements noted above?:

Character Name:
Character Class & Race:

Build (talent spec):
Would you respec if asked?:
Do you have your 3 AQ20 "skills" books?:

Professions (any rare crafts you have please list, 300 first aid is very good, but 225 is acceptable.):

Previous guilds and reasons why you left/got kicked:

Why do you want to join Deterrence? :

Are there any characters in Deterrence who either know you in real-life or you have played with in game? :

Link your gear using ( Including Fire Res and Nature Res:

This is mainly for the PvE part of the guild, mainly there for us to know, and doesnt really matter that much until we do PvE.

Have you completed the Onyxia chain?:
Are you attuned to Molten Core?:
Are you attuned to Blackwing Lair?:
Are you attuned to Naxxramas?:

Thankyou for applying, we will get back to you in game about our decision, please be patient as this may take a few days.
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